Distinctive and richly evocative, RAVN is a revival of the exclusivity and timelessness of traditional jewelry craftsmanship. Designed in Los Angeles by artist, Angela Kroeger, each piece embodies the beauty and duality of human nature: light vs. dark. Refined, studied, novel – House of RAVN is redefining luxury with jewelry that evokes emotion.


After sixteen years a return to jewelry design is a full circle moment for Angela Kroeger and proof that women can, in fact, do it all.

Angela was a twenty year old art student in Vancouver, when her grandmother Margaret, a silversmith, introduced her to the world of fine jewelry making. Deeply inspired by the array of gems and the process of metallurgy, she quickly switched courses to study jewelry design and fabrication.

She continued her career, apprenticing under various Vancouver jewelers through her twenties. It was during this time that she met her soon-to-be husband, Mike Kroeger. Her work would keep them afloat while Mike pursued a career in music. Together, they worked as a creative team — Angela, the designer, Mike, the gemologist. As Mike’s music career took a rapid and wildly successful turn they hit pause and set out on tour for the subsequent years.

Angela always hoped to return to her passion. And now after touring the world, raising their children on Maui, and settling into a new life in Los Angeles, the timing is right. Though the industry has changed drastically with the introduction of computer aided design (CAD), and mass production, Angela continues with her love of hand-carving.

House of RAVN is the culmination of Angela’s colorful life experiences and passion for design and creation.